I am pleased to announce that my new book ‘Gain Financial Freedom: Tell Your Boss To F**k Off’ is now available for purchase on Amazon Kindle. 


How many of us can really say that we live to work? If like the other 90% of the work population who are employed, than your answer would be no, you do not enjoy your work. At best you may probably find your job to be mundane and unfulfilling, at worst you are probably tearing your hair out in desperation and so wishing to tell your ignorant boss how you’d wish he ‘F**k off!’ Yet deep down you know you’d need the money and so you bite your tongue and carry on.

Fortunately you do not need to be stuck in this proverbial rat race. There is a way out and this exit comes in the form of gaining financial freedom; having enough money to replace your income, hence no longer having to work another day in your life. Now if you believe that gaining financial freedom is something which only the likes of Richard Branson & co can achieve, than ‘Gain Financial Freedom…’ will show you how this is not the case. For in this book, you’ll learn;

•How you don’t need a million-pound idea to be financially free
•How the internet is enabling more people than ever to quit their jobs and work from home
•The difference between assets and liabilities
•What Passive Income is and how it make you rich
•The difference between Capital Gains & Cash Flow (and why the latter will not give you a stress related illness like the former)!
•Some very low cost (if not free) ways in which you can start to become financially free

Despite what well intentioned parents and teachers might have told you beforehand, you do not need a job for life. So why not Gain Financial Freedom and tell your boss to F**k Off!
So if you would like to view part of it (and hopefully purchase a copy) than click here!